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As Co-owner and CEO of one of the greatest barber schools' on the east coast, I believe our institution was created to enhance the mindset of individuals as they prepare to excel as leaders in the field of barbering through our innovative teaching methods, individual attention, and excellent facilities. Beyond Measure Barbering will develop students holistically and provide them with tools that will help them be successful as a barber, businessman, and an individual.  In that endeavor, we stress principles of business management, ownership, personal management, ethics, and community responsibility. We will encourage students to learn individually and collaboratively, to be resources to their peers, to see each other as resources, and to be ever cognizant of the needs of the people that they serve in their communities. We will offer students the opportunity to enhance themselves professionally, financially, and spiritually and teach students the importance of strong service and work ethic."

Shannon Long
​Chief Executive Officer

We believe all students can embrace who they are,
can define their future, and can change the world.

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As Co-owner and CFO of the esteemed Beyond Measure Barbering Institute, I would like to welcome you.  Over the past years, we have become one of the States' most highly respected private, accredited, educational institutions of barbering.

Our challenge this year is to make this campus an exciting environment in which students will continue to grow and expand beyond the basic fundamentals of barbering. We, the faculty, staff and administration are committed to bettering the Institution and helping you prosper; but these goals cannot be attained without significant contributions from you, the student body. Beyond Measure Barbering has established interpersonal values that it expects everyone to embrace: respect our institution; work for the greater good of the Institution and the surrounding community; work with a commitment to excellence; worth and dignity of all people; honesty and integrity;  trust and be trustworthy; keep the lines of communication open (speak freely and honestly); be open-minded; be available and approachable; view change as a challenge and not as a barrier.

As an educational community, we come from all over the world, each of us bringing our own unique backgrounds and experiences, and each with the hope of achieving a variety of goals by the end of this year. It is important that each and every one of us become engaged in the life of the campus. Understanding that the core experience of an Institution is its academics; the greatest opportunities for your individual growth and fulfillment exist outside the classroom. Beyond Measure Barbering offers unlimited opportunities for you to get involved, grow as a person while gaining leadership opportunities and experiences. "We pride ourselves on motivating students to become leaders". Whether enrolling as a beginner or an advanced student, Beyond Measure Barbering provides you the opportunity to become the best barber ever. No factor will have a greater impact on your education, your success, or your personal happiness than the choices you make for yourself at Beyond Measure Barbering Institute. By working together, we can make this institution stronger than ever before.


Curtis Bass
Chief Financial Officer


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Our Mission

Our school’s mission is to provide quality "hands-on" training to our students so they can become confident in the field of barbering, prepare for licensure, and employment. We are committed to providing a solid foundation of educational excellence.

Our Mission
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Through its policies, procedures, and daily operations in the fulfillment of its mission, Beyond Measure Barbering Institute exemplifies the following values:

  • The worth and dignity of all people

  • Honesty, integrity, and excellence

  • Exemplary teaching and effective learning

  • Access and opportunity while maintaining quality

  • Skill preparation to work and live in a global economy

  • Diversity in every aspect of its culture

  • Community partnerships and continuous growth

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