As Co-owner and CEO of one of the greatest barber schools' on the east coast, I believe our institution was created to enhance the mindset of individuals as they prepare to excel as leaders in the field of barbering through our innovative teaching methods, individual attention, and excellent facilities. Beyond Measure Barbering will develop students holistically and provide them with tools that will help them be successful as a barber and as individuals.  In that endeavor, we stress principles of business management, ownership, personal management, ethics, and community responsibility. We will encourage students to learn individually and collaboratively, to be resources to their peers, to see each other as resources, and to be ever cognizant of the needs of the people that they serve in their communities. We will offer students the opportunity to enhance themselves professionally, financially, and spiritually and teach students the importance of strong service and work ethic."


Shannon Long
​Chief Executive Officer

Our History

Beyond Measure Barbering Institute was formed August of 2009 in Mebane, North Carolina.  On December 1, 2009, the Articles of the limited liability corporation were filed with the State of North Carolina in Raleigh, NC. The Mebane, NC location was chosen after carefully considering several other locations in Orange County. Plans were developed 

 for the building’s renovation and the installation of new equipment. The Institution officially opened the doors on March 22, 2010. The BMB Institute is located in the Center Street Plaza on Hwy 70 in Mebane, NC. This area has a great business climate, which helps to attract clients for students’ practical training. This location is easily accessible to our major highways in the area.

Our Philosophy
Our programs will be committed to cultivating complete barbers that are able to think critically; perform in the professional barbering industry; and creatively enrich a wide spectrum of artistic and educational environments. We will strive to help students comprehend the barbering and

styling techniques of cosmetics in today’s society. We will also seek to promote greater understanding of the history and traditions of the American styles and the rich diversity of cultures around the world. More importantly, we will create employment opportunities with job placement assistance for young people that will also strengthen their self-image.